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Experienced, Passionate and Highly Motivated to Serve.

Our MISSION is improving the quality of life of young people through consistent Positive Youth Development in a safe and supportive environment, encouraging youth to become active, productive members of their families, schools and community-at-large.

Our VISION is to coach, expose, motivate & encourage all youth to realize their personal worth, realize & maximize their gifts & talents and more.

We work collaboratively with school counselors & teachers to identify students in need and to provide mentoring, life skills, job training, cultural exposure and general support. The mentees who have participated in our program have not only improved in the area of academic performance but also have an increased level of social skills, enhanced performance in athletic activities, and an increased sense of optimism for their future endeavors. Legacy Driven Foundation, Inc. also offers entrepreneur, public speaking, health/fitness and financial literacy programs.

Mentorship Model:

  1. In-person Mentoring (individual & group) sessions in schools during lunchtime with students; Candidates are submitted by teachers, grade level assistant principals and/or by request of a parent; Student assessments are conducted mid-year or as needed, when a concern arises or requested by a teacher or parent. (up to 30 mins)
  2. After-school sessions for boys and girls are held monthly or bi-monthly in the classroom and/or gym of the students school. Youth from the program are exposed to health routines by a fitness trainer, guest speakers, and a sit-down meal together to discuss various topics. (1.5 hours)
  3. Virtual Mentoring occurs bi-weekly for all program students no matter the grade level. We desire to follow the child through Middle & High School as it’s a lifelong relationship, not for a season (30-45 mins).
  4. Mentorship Consultant –We welcome relationships and partnerships with schools and other organizations with a strong interest in building a Mentorship program. (time varies per project)
  5. Substitute Teaching – We visit various schools to meet principals and staff, have opportunities to mentor in classroom settings and learn and chat with teachers about the success and challenges. To serve the system and students, we must know and understand the system! (1/2 to 1 full day)

Sample Areas of Focus:

  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • Behavioral Management
  • Entrepreneurship (from concept/idea, IRS/EIN, Sec of State, payroll, budgeting, presenting the idea etc.)
  • Soft Skills
  • Leadership
  • Faith
  • Social/Emotional Learning


Bowen Family Systems Theories

In 2006 our Founder was exposed to Bowen Family Systems Theory Systems (from Dr. Murray Bowen, Georgetown University) through a personal journey that proved to be life changing. Bowen theories such as “Self Differentiation”, “Family Projection Process”, “Societal Projection Process” and “Triangles” are used while mentoring our youth in certain situations.

Learn about the systems here to learn how they apply to our mentoring our boys & girls!

2022-23 Academic Year Session Dates: 

  • In-person @ Partee ES – Our sessions will begin on September 21st and will be held bi-weekly during 4th & 5th grade lunch. 
  • Virtual – Zoom sessions will begin on September 22nd. Mentees & parents will receive a dedicated Zoom URL for all sessions for the Winter/Fall semester.

* We’re working diligently to form partnerships with other schools to start or build on existing mentoring programs. As partnerships are made, we will post the updates as well as in our newsletter.

Discussion Topics (subject to change):

  • Questionnaire (new mentees) – September – Welcome to the program, and getting to know each other. What are they looking for in the program and what they can expect? Close out with getting girls feedback on future topics (anonymously).
  • Team Building
  • Behavioral Management (managing emotions)
  • SEL (social and emotional learning)
  • Self-Confidence (physical and mental)
  • Health/Fitness/Nutrition
  • Community Volunteer Activities
  • Focus for the Future (helping our young men get focused on their present situations to encourage faith and action for a more promising future)


To train, educate, encourage and empower our young girls to grow into adult women who will be impactful and legacy driven in their respective communities and reciprocate their morals and values to others.

Girls Youth Directors (click HERE to view Bios):
Crystal Reynolds – creynolds@legacydriven.org
Tonya Merl – tmerl@legacydriven.org

Fall/Winter ’22-’23 Meeting Dates


  • Students request forms go out to teachers on August 12th, and return on August 16th.  Students will take home forms on August 19th, forms are due on August 26th. 

September 14th & 28th

  • Sept. 14th – Questionnaire/Rules of Conduct- students will share their information and create rules that establish loyalty and trust (what stated in the meeting stays)
  • Sept. 28th – Team Building 
  • Sept. 10th – Tentative Pool Meet and Greet

October 12th and 26th 

  • 12th Mentoring Session
  • 22th – Breast Cancer Walk
  • 26th – Breast Cancer Speaker – 26th 

November 9th and 16th

  • Nov. 9th (Kick off toy drive)
  • 16th – the meeting on the 16th will be combined with the boys (Feed the homeless – tentative)

December 7th & 14th (the meeting on the 14th will be combined with the boys)- Toys collection and drop off for Women’s and Children Shelter.

  • 7th collect toys
  • 14th drop off

January 11th and 25th

February 8th and 22nd

March 8th and 22nd

  • March the girls volunteer to read in k-2 class for Read Across America

April 19th


  • 10th Last Meeting
  • 20th EOY Outing

Discussion Topics (subject to change):

  • Questionnaire (new mentees) – September – Welcome to the program, and getting to know each other. What are they looking for in the program and what they can expect? Close out with getting girls feedback on future topics (anonymously).
  • Team Building, Setting the rules for the LOL group, fostering a family environment amongst the group – Upcoming topic – September 22nd
  • Vision Board (i.e. visions of their goals, relationships, family members, academics etc.) – October 13th
  • Social Media/Public Perception
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Activities/Fundraising
  • SEL (social and emotional learning, managing your own emotions)
  • Self-Confidence (physical and mental), Self-Development
  • Health/Fitness/Nutrition
  • Volunteer Activities


  • Dr. Kelli McCain – Assistant Superintendent GCPS System (Primary & Secondary School Ed Advisor) – Bio
  • Cindy Brown (Healthcare Education Advisor) – BIO Coming Soon.
  • Tomeika Bowden (Higher Education Advisor) – currently serves as President of N.C. Central University National Alumni Association (2020-2022) – www.nccualumni.org
  • Tonya Merl – Educator & LOL Youth Girls Director – Bio
  • Crystal Reynolds – Educator & LOL Youth Girls Director – Bio
  • Jazmine Leath – Marketing Specialist – Bio Coming Soon.
  • Jimmie Simmons – Human/Social Services Director & Virtual Coach – Bio
  • Wayne Singleton (Virtual Coach) – Bio
  • Michael Galloway (Criminal Justice, Police and Public Administration Advisor – Virtual Coach) – BIO Coming Soon.
  • Keenon Thomas – Entrepreneur (Virtual Coach) – Bio
  • Juan Harris – Network Engineer (Virtual Coach & Donor Advisor) – Bio

Our Founder:
I was born and raised in, Burlington, North Carolina. I graduated from North Carolina Central University (HBCU – www.nccu.edu) located in Durham, NC earning a major in Business Administration and a minor in Computer Information Systems. I moved to Atlanta, GA in 1999. I have two children, my oldest daughter Jazmine is 31 and matriculated through the Shiloh cluster and my daughter, Paige, is 11 and is 6th grader at Shiloh Middle School. I also have a granddaughter, Lana Marie who is 9 years old. My family motivates me and I love being a father.

Experiences includes:

  • Youth Engagement – Began teaching teaching youth in my local church in 2002, and becoming the Youth Director overseeing the Youth Department in 2015. Managed a team of 12-15 teachers and volunteers while serving three different age groups: 4 to 9, 10 to 12 and 13 to 18. We planned activities in & outside of the ministry and took our youth on field trips during the summer outside of Georgia.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • Owned/Operated Warren Care Services, a 24/7 Adult Care Facility located in North Carolina from 2009-2019. For 10 years, Warren Care Services, LLC served men and women diagnosed with illnesses such as Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, COPD and more. Staff included several CNAs, LPN and a Registered Nurse.
    • Information Technology – 27+ years using a variety of programming languages, database, web development and consulting. Includes founding preVision Designs LLC in 2009. Out of the six employers over a span of 18 years, I was the only African-American in the Information Technology Department. Those experiences gives way to a strong desire expose minority students to STEM industries. 

Read a special reference letter from Mrs. Jennifer Clowers, principal of our headquarter school, Partee ES in Snellville, GA by clicking HERE.

For more personal and professional information about the founder, please click the resume link below.
F. LaMonte Leath – CEO/Founder (Resume)
e: lleath@legacydriven.org
o: 404-941-0209
Gwinnett County Public School (GCPS) Certified Mentor – 2018

A wealth of experience and wisdom

Some of Our Legacy Driven Mentors

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