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Completion Deadline: June 13, 2024 by Midnight

The goal of our surveys is to collect data to better serve the youth and families in our service areas annually. The data will also assist us when applying for and/or writing grants, seeking sponsorships, donations and more to achieve our fundraising goals to continue to elevate our mentoring programs.

The youth/parent survey will be an annual occurence to make sure we have the most current information for the families we serve. Our public survey will be available every two years. 

Privacy Notice: Your information will not be shared with the public nor sold to businesses and/or individuals for the duration of the existence of Legacy Driven Foundation, Inc.. It is only for the use of furthering our mentoring initiatives and will remain within the organization to be used by our board members and/or donor and fundraising management team. This website is secure by SSL and encryption.


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Youth/Parent Questionnaire
Education Level:
Employment Status:
What are the age(s) of your children?
Have you participated in a fundraiser and/or donated personally to Legacy Driven since 2018?
Overall, how would you rate your experience in the mentorship program this year?
Would you recommend our program to your friends?
Which function would you attend this Summer as a “Back to School” event for all youth in July?

Public Questionnaire
How do you mostly view our programming information?
Do you follow us on social media? (Instagram and/or Meta)
Would you consider being a “recurring” donor? If so, what type??
Overall, how would you rate our mentorship program and our offerings?
Would you attend a special Zoom forum to discuss and collect ideas on how to best prepare them for future success and more?
Are there any specific areas that you believe our youth would benefit from in our mentoring program?

Your reviews matter and we’d love them to continue to promote our services. If you’re a parent and/or youth that’s connected to our mentorship programming, please consider leaving a review for the public!